Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holy hell I can't take this anymore.

Man I tell ya here lately it seems everything is running on the same old ass track. I wake up, I come to work, I piss and moan about being here and I do nothing about it. The week ends then I lay around the damn house for 3 days doing nothing. Here lately tho it seems I am getting more and more upset with myself for just sitting here every day wasting my life with not much to show for it.

So what am I to do? Accept my fate as a lowly ass IT Analyst and keep taking it where the sun don't shine? Not really my style....Go out and take classes for certifications during the day that I may or may not pay attention to due to lack of sleep? Sounds nice on paper but like the question states more than likely I won't pay attention.... Rob a bank? Nope, the bad guy always gets caught and I'm not that stupid. So what do I do? That is the eternal question. Alas, as of yet I have no answer for it but someday I will.

It seems my trouble is I can't find a field that I can stay interested in for long periods. I mean I am fairly adept at just about everything I do, but I have no specialty. I have nothing to occupy my time with any sort of longevity. I get bored with things I A.D.D.? I don't feel that way at least, maybe things just aren't challenging enough or maybe they are too challenging....or maybe it's both. Hell I dunno. All I know is I need out of this rut! Any suggestions? Hell now I'm talking to a blog like a bunch of people read the damn thing....Holy Christ I'm sad.

Conscious: You smell funny and nobody likes you!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back to the Grind...

Hello again there internet world...Well my little retreat is over and I feel much better for it. Basically I sat around on my arse for 2 days watching a fire flicker....and we went to the falls which was pretty cool. I'm pretty much back down to just despising everyone instead of wishing foul and intolerable deaths on everyone I talk to. Which is an improvement. I'll post some of the pics soon I promise!

And alas, here I am again on Friday night doing the same thing I do every Friday night....EMAILS!!! These are total busy work, nothing difficult about them. Which makes them that much more mind numbing and there is at least 90 of them. Oh well I'll get through it. <---see no cursing...I'm better!

Anyway, I went to ye old doctor today and found out I may have torn my ACL at some point. So I'm scheduled for an MRI the 3rd of next month to find out if it is so...Man I really hope it isn't, but if it is yay for Surgery, NOT! We will soon see I guess.

Until the next time peepsz(there I go acting like ppl have actually read this again), Farewell!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yay for Tuesday!

Every day I come to work it's like I feel a bit of my soul syphoning into the megaverse that is the Helpdesk. Once I step in those doors I immediately feel a sense of impending doom and my life is somehow worth less...if that's possible. Why do I keep coming here you ask? Well, it's due to the root of all evil! No not money, Health Insurance.

That is the true evil of the world. I mean really, we pay money in case shit happens. If shit don't happen, shouldn't I get my money back? Anyway, back to the dark pit of the universe!

Usually, my day revolves around sitting at my desk hammering out 1000 emails that were left by our dayshift, they are somehow able to not fufill their responsibilities and keep their jobs....I wish I had that privelage, or speaking to some foreign person who barely speaks English and somehow thinks saying "Hello" over and over again is a means of conversation. So all in all you can tell I love my job!

My only solace is that on Tuesday morning at 7am I don't have to look at this place for 3 days! This weekly occurrance is what puts the awe in awesome! This Tuesday, however, is even better because I have planned to take a trip to Cumberland Falls with my wife and freinds! We are staying in a Executive Cabin overlooking a valley with a fireplace and full relaxation! Woot for total silence! I've really been looking forward to this trip and will be sure to update when I get back like anyone cares.

Have fun fellow bloggers, and remember, that which does not kill us only serves to piss us off.

What do ya know!

Ha, well i'm a blogger now! You can thank my co-worker for this new addition onto my life as if I had the time. Nah, but seriously this could be very interesting. Over time I will wow you all, probably just people I know....and a few random stragglers that I somehow brainwash, with my wonderful insights into well...everything! Look forward to more awesomeness!