Sunday, January 18, 2009

Holy hell I can't take this anymore.

Man I tell ya here lately it seems everything is running on the same old ass track. I wake up, I come to work, I piss and moan about being here and I do nothing about it. The week ends then I lay around the damn house for 3 days doing nothing. Here lately tho it seems I am getting more and more upset with myself for just sitting here every day wasting my life with not much to show for it.

So what am I to do? Accept my fate as a lowly ass IT Analyst and keep taking it where the sun don't shine? Not really my style....Go out and take classes for certifications during the day that I may or may not pay attention to due to lack of sleep? Sounds nice on paper but like the question states more than likely I won't pay attention.... Rob a bank? Nope, the bad guy always gets caught and I'm not that stupid. So what do I do? That is the eternal question. Alas, as of yet I have no answer for it but someday I will.

It seems my trouble is I can't find a field that I can stay interested in for long periods. I mean I am fairly adept at just about everything I do, but I have no specialty. I have nothing to occupy my time with any sort of longevity. I get bored with things I A.D.D.? I don't feel that way at least, maybe things just aren't challenging enough or maybe they are too challenging....or maybe it's both. Hell I dunno. All I know is I need out of this rut! Any suggestions? Hell now I'm talking to a blog like a bunch of people read the damn thing....Holy Christ I'm sad.

Conscious: You smell funny and nobody likes you!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I've just mentioned you in my blog! Hope it all worked out and that you cheered up a bit.

Nice name by the way :)